[Elfsea] Our final Steppes Archery Practice for 2014 looms near!

John Bishop via Elfsea elfsea at lists.ansteorra.org
Sat Dec 20 00:40:05 PST 2014

Seasons Greetings everyone,  
Yes tomorrow is our last Steppes archery practice for 2014!  Diviners predict cloudy skies, temperatures within the mid-fifties and a 10% chance of rain.  Well I see that as 55 sure beats 105, the sun will not be in our eyes and there is a 90% chance it is not going to rain at all.  So of course we plan to hold archery practice!  
Come join us at 2 PM Sunday at the Westlake Sports Facility located at 601 Gross Road (just one mile east from 635) in Mesquite TX.  The archery range is south from the parking lot located just behind the tennis courts.  Our shade has gone with the falling leaves but I don't think we shall need it this practice.  Don't forget your camp chairs and I still recommend traveling light as it is a bit of a walk into the park.  Garb is requested but not required, it just helps draw a little attention to what we are doing & create some interest in our society.  Loner gear is available if you need and there are veteran archers to help instruct or just offer a few tips if wanted.   
Looking forward to flinging a few wooden shafts down range on Sunday, hope to see you there!  
HL Wm. Black Dragon   aka "Ironwyrm"  
Interim Steppes Archery Marshal
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