[Elfsea] Scheduled archery activities at Steppes Warlord 2015:

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Greetings Lords & Ladies!  
This year at Steppes Warlord we plan to include some traditional activities from long ago which helped to build unity among our Ansteorran archery community, we hope you shall enjoy!
Our archery activities for this Steppes Warlord consists of... 
On Saturday 
10AM - Royal Rounds (For our guests' whom would like an away score & warm up for the main             event.)  Noon - "Archer's Revel" (Reviving an old tradition from years ago with a pot-luck lunch upon             the archery range, just bring something to share with your fellow archers to join in.)     1 PM - Steppes Archery Champion's Tournament (A contest of difficult targets chosen by our             previous archery champion to test everyone's skill and find our barony's new archery             champion for the following year.)  3 PM - Novice Tournament (A contest for both new & veteran archers whom have never before             won an SCA archery tournament themselves.)  
7:30 AM - Baroness' Folly Archery Shoot (A "just for fun" tournament being held by our Baroness               Ekatorinia Iadorvna Kharlampieva, even I have no idea what she has planed for us.)  10 AM - Youth Archery Activities (All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian               to participate, without exception.)  Noon - "Archer's Revel (Another pot-luck lunch to share and mingle with our fellow archers before             we disperse back into parts of our kingdom where we reside.)  1 PM - "Archer's Challenge" (A tournament once held quarterly by the local Arc d'Or of central             region to promote SCA archery consisting of a declared archer's boast, display of traditional             equipment & costuming, a series of difficult range targets & courtly grace. Points awarded             for each category were tallied to determine our winner.  Due to the limited time available we             shall reduce the categories to range targets making this tournament a one on one blind             draw archer's duel to determine our top-gun archer for the event.  Entrance fee for this             tournament is something archery related to add our prize basket you might enjoy receiving             yourself.)  3 PM - William Tell Tournament (To finish our archery activities our annual recreation of the long             enduring William Tell legend where archers must shoot a real apple off the head of Wee             Willie without striking the child cutout to win the prize apple.  This always proves to be one             of the more challenging and fun tournaments of our event!)  
So there you have a summery and schedule of our planned archery activities for this coming Steppes Warlord 2015 event.  We have done our best to provide two full days of fun and challenging archery activities for our attending guests.  We hope to see you there May 22!  
HL William Black Dragon  Interim Steppes Archery Marshal & Steppes Archery Champion 
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