[Emerald] Award Recomendations

Lady Simone simone at elfsea.net
Sat Mar 22 11:18:39 PST 2003

As our event draws near. I ask  that you look around the group and see who
is deserving of awards and recognition. I currently looked at the kingdom OP
and some of the groups long time members have yet to be recognized for thier
years of service to our group or kingdom.

The only way people get recognized for thier endevors is for individuals to
submit them for awards.  It is easy to do this. for kingdom level awards
like comets, AOA's, cranes. thistles, Iris of merists, stars of merits, and

you can submit the individuals on line by visiting the kingdom website going
to Requium and clicking o the link for thier steller magisties or going to
the following URL http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/crown_coronet/awards.html

To submit an individual for a baronial award simply send an e-mail to our
baron or baroness.

Then so our senishal is not caught unaware send him a list of those you have
submited for awards. unless it's him then don't tell him. :-)

My lord sisters wedding is the same day as the event. I will try to be there
for cout if not I will have a herald there for court. Sorry to not be able
to be there for the whole thing but if I miss Justinas wedding my lord will
probobly kill me. he and his sister are very close.

This has been a public service annoucment by your local neiborhood Herald
Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing

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