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Sun May 28 04:25:50 PDT 2006

Lake/Whitlock. Go East (this is Whitlock).  You=B9ll pass a sports
complex on
the right as you travel along Whitlock.  Whitlock very quickly becomes
Keller Springs.  Not long past the sports complex, you=B9ll come to
Turn left (north) on Kelly.  The park is on the right hand side, a few
blocks north on Kelly.  If you hit George Bush Highway/ Trinity Mills,
went too far.  It=B9s pretty hard to miss, however.

P.S.  So we may get a bettter idea of our strenghts if you will be attendin=
g war  to show the world once again the heros of Ansteorra shine a brightly=
 as the Star please e-mail me at moorefield at

Sorry for any multiple post

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