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Cynthia Hamilton jaysmom at
Mon Aug 27 14:19:01 PDT 1956

Folks, please see below. 

Duchess Willow was looking for The Other Lady Simone, but since I responded,
she had some questions I felt I should pass on to everyone.  

Please feel free to brag about yourselves to her.  Also, do we want any
classes at Midsummer Faire or elsewhere?

"The" Lady Simone ;-)

Her email is jonwillowpel at 

Thank you for answering. Yes, you are not the Lady Simone I was looking
for but as long as I have you on the line I would like to discuss
something with you. I have taken on a job for the Bardic College as
Education and Performance Officer.  This job is to promote the education
in bardic arts and increase noncompetitive performances. How many
performers do you have in your area? What do they do? Would any of them
like to teach classes? Would you like any special classes? Do you have
any especially good performers? I could use any and all information about
your performers and if you would give them my name and e-mail/ telephone
number I would be thankful. If I can help you get teachers or  performers
for any projects just write. 

Willow Taylor
Willow de Wisp
1831 Edna
Arlington, TX. 76010
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