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Tue Nov 9 14:15:36 PST 1999

Greetings unto all from Stephen Macthomas!

I know there are several of you who are reading this note and saying to 
yourselves, "Hey, why am I on this list, and what's it all about?"  Well, I'm 
here to explain a bit.

Recently, I asked HL Pug, who controls the kingdom mailing lists, what would 
be involved in starting up a Gate's Edge mailing list.  I asked this because 
I realized that at least four of us send mail to the canton at large on a 
fairly regular basis, and that none of the four of us were working off the 
same list of names.  For instance, my own list didn't have Signy, Thomasina 
or Thorvaaldr, Constance and Richard.  (Sorry guys!)

A couple days later, I found out what was needed:  some foolhardy soul to ask 
the question in the first place.

So now there's this spiffy new gatesedge mailing list.  It's accessible from 
the Ansteorran website, so any interested party in the world can sign onto 
our mailing list and catch up on what's going on in our neck of the woods.  
This is a good thing.  We also all work off the same centrally maintained 
mailing list, so no one falls through the cracks.  This is also a good thing.

Being the foolhardy soul to bring this to Pug's attention in the first place, 
I'm the list administrator.  This is a goo ... well, it's a thing, we'll 
leave it at that.

So that should answer the question of what this list is.  Now for the biggie 
for a few of you:  What The Heck Am I Doing On It Anyway??

That, my friends, is an easy one.  At the Gate's Edge populace meeting last 
night, we decided that all of our officers, their official and unofficial 
deputies, acting officers and interested parties should be on this list, and 
I was given permission to add those remaining names to the list.  This way 
all of our officers are on the same page when information is distributed 

If you wish to be removed from this list, please send an e-mail to 
majordomo at with the words UNSUBSCRIBE GATESEDGE in the body.  
You'll receive a confirmation with no further postings to this list.

Now, that disclaimer out of the way, here's what's coming up over the Edge:

This coming weekend, November 13th and 14th, is our weekend to host TRF with 
our good friends at Westgate.  Every interested party is highly encouraged to 
come and participate.  Only a couple hours of work gets you in the gate for 
the day.  If you'd like more info, let me know.  The e-mail's 
stephenmacthomas at (yep, that's new, so make a note of it).  We have 
chivalric and rapier prizes, but we are in need of prizes for bardic and A&S. 
 Any thoughts?

The northern Stargate newcomers' meetings are being held at my home on 
November 18th, December 2nd and December 9th.  All are Thursdays, and all 
meetings start at 7:30 pm.  If you need directions, drop a line.  These 
meetings are considered part of Stargate since we have no hospitaler in 
place, but most of the newcomers will be in the Gate's Edge area.  The first 
meeting will be SCA 101 taught by HL Annes and Costuming taught by Lady 
Angharad (Rondah).  The second meeting will hopefully feature the four 
aspects of the marshallate - chivalric, rapier, archery and equestrian.  The 
final meeting will cover A&S, heraldry, and other topics and will feature a 
roundtable Q&A discussion.  Everyone's invited to attend any and all 
meetings, since the more contributions the better.  Let me know if you have 
any questions.

Officers will be at my home on November 22nd.  All are invited to attend or 
RSVP.  Please remember that food left at my home is seriously threatening my 
diet, so be ready to leave with what you brought.

That's all for now - see you over the Edge!

In your service,
Lord Stephen
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