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Margaret Nanny mnanny at
Wed Nov 10 13:48:12 PST 1999

Margaret Nanny at ABM
11/10/99 01:48 PM

Greetings friends!  This is just to reming those who were at populace, and to
notify those who weren't ,that I am in search of "finger food"  donations for
the Princess' Tea to be held at Yule Revel on 12/11/99 at Northwoods
Presbyterian Church which is in our neck of the woods.  If you would like to
provide something such as finger sandwiches, pastries, fruit, etc. please let me
know what you would like to donate for Her Highnesses Tea with the non-white
scarved rapier community.  I will in turn let you know what time the tea is set
for , and if you need a tray/container/fridge space to place the food in/on,  we
can work something out.  Please respond back to me privately at:  mnanny at
.  Thanks so much.

 Lady Seren verch Gethin

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