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I have a dress that the lady might be able to wear.  I also have a t-tunic
that the child could wear.  My son, has been wearing a white shirt this
year.  The child could get away with dark sweatpants under it.  As for
shoes, slippers that are non-character related would probably work.  Matt
has moccasins that I paid about $6.00 for at Wal-Mart.  Can't wear tennis
shoes up there though, so for the lady, something that looks like a slipper
would work as well.  As for the lord, we are short on male garb, but have a
green t-tunic that could go over a pair of dark colored sweat pants.  Shoe
that are probably ok, would be work type boots. Anything non-cowboy type.
Ropers with no stitching would work as well.  Hope this helps. Jessica -
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>> Help. We want to be a part of this weekend, but we don't
>> know what to do. We are but poor (newcomers with no garb)My
>> wife (size 10) my newphew (age 7 small) and my self (tall &
>> large) would love to particapate if any one can help.
>> Please contact me, Thanks
>> 3910 FM 1960 West, Suite 100
>> Houston, Texas 77068
>> Office: (281) 444-5140 x248
>> Fax: (281) 444-0630
>> Pager: (281) 278-9307
>I am sorry m'lord, OUr hospitalier chest can not aid you.  Gate's
>anyone help this gentle?
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