GE - Stargate Yule Revel - Feast Servers Needed

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Fri Nov 12 04:45:28 PST 1999

What are the fees this year? And no, we don't get the Black Star yet.
Sorry, can't look it up.
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Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 11:36 PM
Subject: GE - Stargate Yule Revel - Feast Servers Needed

>Greetings unto all from Stephen Macthomas, head server for Stargate Yule
>I am in need of at least a dozen volunteers who are willing to commit to
>attending Stargate Yule and serving the evening's feast.  If you wish to be
>of service, please reply privately to me (stephenmacthomas at as soon
>as possible, preferably before the weekend's out.  Since Lady Suzanne, the
>feast steward, is commuting back and forth on the weekends from her job
>assignment in Colorado, I would like to have this ready for her by Stargate
>business meeting.  This way it's one less thing for our talented feast
>steward to concern herself with (which gives her more energy to creating an
>astounding feast for us all).
>Thanks in advance for your consideration and attention.
>In your service,
>Lord Stephen Macthomas
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