GE - Princess Tea/Yule Revel Dec. 11

Margaret Nanny mnanny at
Tue Nov 23 11:28:19 PST 1999

Margaret Nanny at ABM
11/23/99 11:28 AM

Greetings unto all friends.  For those of you who have been kind and generous
enough to volunteer to bring goodies for the Her Highness'  tea, thank you.  It
would be most appreciated if you could respond back to me at: mnanny at
and let me know exactly what you plan to bring.  So far we have some tea,
wassail, sugar cookies, crepes portabello, and  shortbread confirmed.  Please
plan on bringing enough for about 24 servings.  Any type of "finger food", or
"light"  snacks, mini-pastries, etc. would be fine.  Extra serving trays will be
on hand if you do not have any.  The tea is scheduled to begin at 2:00 o'clock,
so it would probably be best to bring your goodies to the "ballroom" (the large
room across the hall from the kitchen) around 1:00 o'clock.  Once again thank
you, and please respond back as soon as possible so that we may  possibly ease
the "Tea coordinators"  worries if even just a tad.

In humble service,  Lady Seren verch Gethin

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