GE - Anyone going to Gulf War? VIKINGTBT at
Sun Nov 28 01:08:02 PST 1999

  Greet's to all!!
Ye may count myself and quite possibly one more (you know us vikings never 
travel alone ) .
 I'm very new at this , and therefore very ignorant , so send me an e-mail 
with the d-tail's .

 In service of the dream
untitled as of yet Tristian the Ignorant

actually , I'm quite drunk....should I send this?
Yes you should.
But what if the others think less of me ?
OH POSH! just send the damn thing already!
have you sent it yet?
no , not yet .
well...get on with it .
 I don't think I should , wot with yer interfering and all .
Which button do I push to send it ?
well...that one , but...
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