GE - Anyone going to Gulf War?

Jack and Kerry Moore jack.moore at
Sun Nov 28 12:10:04 PST 1999


I think that it goes without saying that Thorvaaldr Nordvik, the Varangian
rattan junkie, will be at war, proudly bearing the azure and gules of the
Coastal Regional Melee Team.  I will, however, most likely be camping in my
big mundane truck far from gentle eyes which may be offended.  I will not,
therefore, be able to enjoy the pleasure of camping with you.

In service of the dream,
Thorvaaldr Nordvik
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From: Cynthia Hamilton <jaysmom at>
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Date: Saturday, November 27, 1999 10:21 AM
Subject: GE - Anyone going to Gulf War?

>Greetings to Everyone this fine morning,
>Barring any unforseen circumstances (like Dow moving us to Michigan), Jamin
>and I intend to go to Gulf War this year.
>Is anyone else going from our Canton and do we want to reserve a spot to
>together?  We need 20 people camping together to get a space reservation,
>otherwise it's first come, first serve.
>Any interest?
>Simone & Jamin
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