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Mon Nov 29 09:19:12 PST 1999

Thank you to all of you who sent good thoughts and wishes for a speedy
recovery for William the Invisible.  They turned him loose on Friday
afternoon.  My family decided that everyone should still meet at our house
and that I should still do the turkey; said it would take my mind off of
things.   I think they just didn't want to deal with any leftovers.

Fortunately, it was not 'congestive heart Failure', just 'congestive heart
problems'.  They gave him I.V. antibotics and diuretics; made him stay in
bed with his legs elevated; and fed him sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving just
to make sure he was miserable and would not want a return trip.  (He hates
sweet potatoes.)

Anyway, he almost has ankles again and the doctor said he could play golf
as soon as he felt like it, so he is mostly a happy camper again.

Thanks again and love to you all,

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