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Darlene Vandever blaan at
Tue Nov 30 19:37:57 PST 1999

My understanding is that Bjornsborg will actually be no further from the
"action" anymore than Stargate will be if Stargate gets the new area they have
been speaking about.  As you may know, they have been discussing asking to be
put down near Thundercamp.  When you get to that juncture between the "old" part
of the camp and the "new" part, to get to the area Stargate is thinking of, one
would turn left down the new road across from the big gully where they sometimes
hold a battle or two.  Bjornsborg for the last two years has camped down the
road to the RIGHT on the other side of that big gully.  In reality, it is not
really any farther than anyplace else back there.  It's all too flipping far in
my book but hey, sometimes across the room can be too far if my knees are acting

Cynthia Hamilton wrote:

> Maybe we could talk Bjornsburg into camping a little closer to the action?
> Simone
> cyoung5 at wrote:
> >
> > Yes, they are a very fun group, but there's only one problem with camping
> > with Bjornsburg - they are so F---ing far away from everything.
> > Oh, well, I guess you can't have everything.
> >
> > Caitlin
> >
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