ANST-Announce - Bardic at Mooneschadowe Guardian

Patti McCullough paddy at
Tue Aug 1 11:05:59 PDT 2000

Greetings to all.

I am the current Minstrel of Mooneschadowe, and it will be my duty and my 
pleasure to choose my successor at Mooneschadowe Guardian, which is being 
held August 25-27.  

I am planning to have two preliminary rounds, and then I and the other 
judge(s) will choose probably three finalists to perform a third piece.  
Anyone who wishes to compete for the title should prepare two pieces from 
different divisions for the preliminaries, and any finalists who perform 
their third piece in a third division will be given favor in the judging. 

The five divisions are Song, Story, Poem, Instrumental, and Other.  The 
Other prize generally goes unclaimed, and so I am willing to be liberal 
in the definition of "Other".  A prize will be awarded for the best piece 
performed in each division, and these prizes will consist of genuine 
medieval antiquities, identified and labeled, purchased from a reputable 
dealer.  These are tiny, fragile, bronze pieces of everyday medieval life 
that you can hold in your hand and call your own.

There will also be a special prize for the best piece performed during 
the competition, that has been written in honor of Mooneschadowe or any 
of its citizens.  This prize is a real gold ring, 14k, size 7 1/2, 1/16" 
wide, 1.7 grams.  I will be the sole judge for the award of the gold 
ring.  I will be carrying all the prizes about with me until they are 
awarded, and will be happy to produce them for the inspection of anyone 
who asks me to see them.

Past Minstrels of Mooneschadowe are not eligible to compete for the 
title, but are welcome to compete for the division prizes and the gold 
ring.  Any past Minstrels who do not care to compete are encouraged to 
come help me judge for the division prizes and the new Minstrel.

I do not yet know what time of day the competition will take place on 
that Saturday, but I can guarantee you it won't be scheduled for the same 
time as the archery.

Lady Toinette de Cambrai
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