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> Greetings to all of you,
> At this year's January's Red Tape meeting, His Majesty Timotheos made a
> about getting rid of paperwork.  I took this seriously.
> As announced at July Red Tape, effective immediately, when your group
> to have an event on the Kingdom Calendar..... there is "1" piece of paper
> send to the Kingdom Calendar Deputy.  I have combined the Bid for Kingdom
> Calendar Date, Bid for Kingdom Event, and the Autocrat Warrant.  These
> have now been deleted for the Ansteorran Web site.
> Attention all Seneschals.... Please clean out your boxes and THROW AWAY
> old forms.  You can replace them with the newly released, approved, 1 page
> document,  "Request for Date on Kingdom Calendar - or - Bid for Kingdom
> Event".  You may find this document conveniently located with many other
> Kingdom report forms at the following address.
>  This is also right
> off the Kingdom Web page located down at the bottom of the Home page by
> clicking on the word "forms".
> Beginning immediately... Please use the updated form for reserving a date
> the Kingdom Calendar.  I'll say again.....PLEASE  - THROW AWAY THE OLD
> for reserving a date and the autocrat warrant.
> Attention Regional Seneschal's, please make sure that the groups in your
> region have this information.  If there is a problem with lack of web
> service contact me.
> Seneschals may still reserve a date and list themselves as the autocrat up
> to 2 years in advance.  They will then be required to mail a new form with
> the actual autocrat's information closer to the event date.  Same form
> additional information included.
> Remember this one piece of paper is a legal document, showing who is
> designated as the legal spokesperson for the event.  It may be faxed to my
> home, (call first), you may physically hand me the document, or you may
> snail mail.  No other forms of delivery are accepted.
> I beseech you and anyone who is planning to ever autocrat an event to
> familiar with this document and the kingdom address.  There are many
> documents necessary for beginning, running , and completing an event.
> Happy Eventing!!
> In Faithful Service to Barony and Kingdom,
> Lady Arabella de Montacute,
> Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for the Kingdom Calendar
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