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Kimberly kdwells_1999 at
Mon Aug 14 19:40:11 PDT 2000

Greetings all, 

Well I was going to attempt to make tonight, but i finally
went today to see teh doctor because of this sinius
headache I have had for two weeks. Well come to find out my
sinius passages are extremly swollen and i also have an ear
infection in my left ear. Anyways They have me on
antibodics and steriods so I am curled up tonight in my new
place with my very own furinutre that i had delivered today
( yes i am happy first furinture I have bought with out a
Siginant other involved :) .. ) 
anyways If all goes well I will be having a get together
here at the new place sept 23 ( same as elfsea defender )
let me know if you can make it... 

Hugs all 
Lady Kyrstyn aka kimberly dawn

Kimberly Dawn 
kdwells_1999 at

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