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How wonderful.  My apologies for not calling these past few weeks, but I'm
short 4 people in a 5 member team and it's taken every once of energy just
to stay afloat!
If you are planning on sewing on Sunday (after church I presume), I would
love to come by to join...may do a little painting.  Anything I can bring?
Isabella Constance

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Hello everyone,
This Violetta, I am sewing for folks that are working the Ren. Faire this
year and I am doing a LOT of Tudor stuff. If anyone else is sewing garb and
wants to do it at my house:) drop me an email at mdjenk at
<mailto:mdjenk at>  or call at 281 296-8535. Now, that said; I am
going to be gone Friday and Saturday but will be back Sunday of this
weekend. I am sewing during the day and at night after 6:00pm until all of
this material in my sewing room turns into garments.
While I am on here, anyone want to charter paint? I have guoache and
brushes...hint hint.....
until a later time,
Violtetta di Grimaldi
Denise Jenkins

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