GE - *Assistance* at Baronial

Lady Simone lady_simone at
Tue Aug 22 20:45:41 PDT 2000

I do not know if I will be down yet we are still discusing it.  If I am able
to attend I am at your Service.

Lady Simone
The one in elfsea

> Greetings to the list:
> Signy wrote this to the list recently, and it got bounced.  We'll try this
> again ...
> >  Hi! 'Tis Signy here, wearing Troll and Liaison Hat for Baronial:
> >
> >  Is there anyone interested in helping out with Troll or with being a
> Liaison
> >  for Baronial? I mainly need help with shifts at Troll on Friday night
> >  and Saturday all day. The Liaison is the team I am putting together
> >  will make sure all the Royals (Their Majesties, out going Baron and
> Baroness
> >  and incoming Baron and Baroness ) have everything they need. This will
> >  include making sure they get Spider's breakfasts both days, putting
> together
> >  a small luncheon, helping to put up head table, serving head table,
> cleaning
> >  up head table, running errands, and anything else that might need to be
> >  done.
> >
> >  If you are interested in either of these two duties at Baronial, please
> >  contact me either by email: paperdol at or by phone: 281-353-9118.
> >
> >  Thank you and blessings,
> >  Signy

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