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Jennifer Mittelstaedt gwyn_26 at
Mon Jan 3 00:18:35 PST 2000

Unto the populace of Gates Edge:

  I know that everyone is looking forward to the newly in-stated sewing 
guild.  At last months populace it was agreed on that it would take place on 
the second Tuesday of the month.  I have just recently had a request 
presented to me and by a small populace vote it was decided that we would 
change the meetings to the THIRD TUESDAYS of the month.   I repeat the THIRD 
TUESDAYS!!!!  Our first meeting will be mainly focused on Rapier armor 
making, but of course you my bring anything you wish to work on.  The 
meeting will be held at Lady Seren's house. {Please contact Lady Seren or 
myself for directions.}

Supplies you will need are:  paper bags or some sort of paper suitable for 
making a pattern.  Pins, material, thread to match. You may contact Lady 
Semonne for acceptable materials.  Some that I know of are trigger, canvas, 
and any equivalent that will pass a broken blade test.  {That is why I 
encourage you to ask our Rapier marshal.  I want to be sure that you get the 
right materials.}  As to the yardage - that is also a good question...  It 
will depend on the type of materials you use.  I will try to get back to you 
on an average amount.

   As an reminder the sewing guild will meet this month on the 18th of 
January- 7:00pm at Lady Seren's.

I thank you for your time and I hope that everyone will have a happy new 
In Service as always - Gwyn
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