GE - January Populace Meeting StephenMacthomas at
Fri Jan 7 20:53:17 PST 2000

Greetings unto the list and unto our newcomers!

This Monday evening, Gate's Edge will hold its monthly populace meeting at 
Northwoods Presbyterian Church, starting at 7:30 pm.  All are invited to this 
meeting and much fun will be had by everyone.  Garb is optional, as many of 
our members come straight from work to the meeting.  The meeting will last 
until 9:00, and many of our populace members go out for dinner and/or coffee 

Directions:  Take your best route to FM1960 and Terrace Oaks, which is two 
lights west of Kuykendahl.  There is a self-storage facility and a Pilgrim 
Cleaners on the corner.  Turn north on Terrace Oaks, and turn into the first 
driveway on the left past the storage place.  You'll be facing the activity 
annex of Northwoods Presbyterian.  Enter by the right door and we'll meet in 
the first classroom on the left, across from the restrooms and coffee 
station.  (I wish this meant we have coffee; this is not the case.  It's just 
a landmark for finding us.)

If anyone has questions, please feel free to post them to the list at 
gatesedge at and an answer will find its way to you.

(If anyone has better directions, PLEASE post them.  <grin>)

I hope to see everyone there!

In your service,
Lord Stephen
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