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Unto the populace of Gates Edge:

Supplies you will need are:  paper bags or some sort of paper suitable for 
making a pattern.  Pins, pre-washed material, thread to match.
   We are having a special guest at our guild this time.  I am sorry that I 
can't remember his name at the moment....  He has suggested that you bring 
an old sheet or cheep/leftover material to make a mock-up of the doublet.

  As an reminder the sewing guild will meet this month on the 18th of
January- 7:00pm at Lady Seren's.
I thank you for your time.
You can reach me at 281-876-0778 for questions or directions to Seren's 
house.     If you could please let me know if  you will be attending so that 
we know about how many people we are looking at, thank you.

    In Service as always - Gwyn

below are the fabric suggestions.

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>Greetings all,
>As to yardage, my "Dashing Doublets" pattern calls for 1 and 3/4 yards of 
>wide fabric for the basic doublet and that again for the lining.   You 
>probably allow roughly 2 yards per layer depending on your chosen
>(shrinkage - you know)
>Fabrics:  4 layers of trigger, 2 layers of cotton canvas or heavy denim, 3
>layers of Judy linen, 1 layer of leather.
>Hope that helps in your planning.

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