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Wed Jan 12 21:37:38 PST 2000

Greetings unto the list from Stephen Macthomas!

The following items were discussed during the Gate's Edge populace meeting on 
Monday night:

Archery Practice - Saturday, January 29th at Baron Talmon's home, starting at 
11:00 am.  Potluck lunch, bring a dish.

Brewing Guild - Milord Ciaran is the principal.  Meetings will be held every 
1st Saturday at his home.  The next meeting is February 5th and we'll be 
making root beer.  The starting time will be posted soon.

Charter Painting Guild - Lady Constance is the principal.  Meetings will be 
the 4th Thursday of the month at her home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next 
meeting is January 27th.

European Dance Guild - HL Signy is the principal.  Practice is every Sunday 
from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Oaks Presbyterian Church in Houston.  (We know, we 
know, this is technically a Stargate guild, but it's on our side of town.)

Herbalist Guild - HL Annes is the principal.  Meetings will be the last 
Tuesday of the month at her home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next meeting is 
January 25th, and the topic is open.

Sewing Guild - Lady Gwynafwyn is the principal.  Meetings will be the 3rd 
Tuesday of the month at Lady Seren's home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next 
meeting is January 18th, and we will be covering rapier armor.  (Information 
regarding this meeting has already been posted to the list by Lady Gwynafwyn; 
anyone needing it to be re-sent contact me privately.)

SCA Night Out - Lord Bowen will begin coordinating a monthly SCA night out 
starting in February or March.  More information will be posted once a date 
and time has been decided upon.  Lord Bowen says the first night out will be 
a bowling night.  Remember, your best garb is always a bold fashion statement 
with those charming rental shoes.

Newcomers' Meetings - Lord Bowen is coordinating these meetings for our 
newcomers on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  The first meeting will be on 
February 17th, with the place and time to be determined.

Knight Marshal - Lord Thorvaaldr is now warranted as the Gate's Edge Knight 
Marshal and will be starting a Wednesday night practice on January 19th at 
7:30 pm.  Lord Thorvaaldr will be posting more information on this practice 
once a site has been finalized.

Midsummer Faire X - Lady Caitlin, the event stew, er, evil and perverse 
despot, will be holding a planning meeting sometime in February.  More 
details to follow.

Stargate Equestrian Guild - Starting this month, this guild will split its 
monthly practices between Fort Bend County Stables in Stafford and Camelot 
Horse Center in Tomball.  This month's practice will be Sunday, January 23rd 
at Camelot.  More information on start times and directions will be posted 

Open Offices - The offices of Seneschal, Herald, Rapier Marshal and Minister 
of A&S are now accepting applications.  Applications should be sent to the 
regional officer, with a courtesy copy going to the Gate's Edge Seneschal, 
the current branch officer, Their Excellencies Stargate, and the Stargate 
Seneschal.  All applications must include proof of membership.

Website - Lord Thorvaaldr has volunteered to be the Gate's Edge Virtual 
Scribe and has begun devloping a Gate's Edge website.  Lord Thorvaaldr has 
asked for input from the populace before making the links available to the 
Ansteorran website.  The URL is: 

If I forgot anything, someone please post an addendum or correction to the 

In your service,
Lord Stephen
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