GE - Applications for Seneschal's office

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Thu Jan 13 10:17:47 PST 2000

Greetings from Michael Silverhands,
Baron of Stargate and Coastal Regional Seneschal:

Just a quick reminder that I will accept applications for the office of
Seneschal of Gate's Edge through Monday, February 7 (Stargate's Populace
meeting). If you are interested in applying for the office, you need to send me
a letter stating your interest, describing your qualifications and showing proof
of current membership in the SCA (a photocopy of your membership card or the
mailing label on your Black Star). It's polite to also send a copy to the
current Seneschal, HL Annes, though it isn't strictly required. Preference will
be shown for those who have taken the Seneschal's class.

You can notify me by email of your intent to apply, but I ultimately need to
receive your application in "hard copy" form. My mailing address is:

Michael Tucker
4803 Tenderwood
Houston, TX 77041

I will announce Annes' successor by the following Monday, February 14
(Valentine's day!), in time for the Gate's Edge Populace meeting. In this way,
Annes will have plenty of time to get together with her successor and turn over
the files, etc., before she steps down at the end of February.

Yours in service,
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