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Cynthia Hamilton jaysmom at
Wed Jan 26 11:42:33 PST 2000

Howdy folks,

I'm sorry I missed officer's meeting on Monday.  I had a work dinner come up -
someone visiting our office from overseas.  Considering the people who ended
up going - I would have had a better time at officers.  Oh well. 

I expect to be at Queen's Champion Tournament on Saturday, hopefully fighting
if my arm pain goes away. . .  

I'm currently having a flare up of whatever is not wrong with me.  Went to the
Dr. Monday, they finally took blood this time and are doing tests, I should
have results by Friday.

Jamin has Pinewood Derby on Saturday (if he finishes his car in time!) Bubba
(grandpop) is taking him.

Hopefully I'll see you all at Winter Collegium, although we may go to the
Rodeo parade in the morning, depending on the weather.

Simone & Jamin

Phillip Toland wrote:
> I have heard there is much going on in our canton, but little news had
> made it to the list.  Please write and let everyone know what you are
> up to.
> See you on Saturday if not before.
> --Caoilin
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