GE - Cold wet &windy blaan at
Sun Jan 30 08:46:09 PST 2000

Dang!  I like sub sandwiches!  :(  Things I gotta miss cuz I love teaching
school!  Grumble, gripe, moan, complain!

Jack and Kerry Moore wrote:

> We've spoken to the Baron several times this morning and, due to the
> incliment weather and (hopefully) minor injuries mentioned below, it would
> probably be better if this archery practice fizzled and died.  The only
> problem is that The Tolands have made 12 sub sandwiches to share.  The
> sandwiches will be at our house (see map below) and there will be sewing,
> charter painting, pokemon snap, chair finishing and oh just whatever, I
> might even rack my mead.  So come by.
> In service,
> Thorvaaldr and Constance
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> >  Just a word of warning, It's cold out there.The wind realy
> >goes thru you. I apoligise for the messy yard in advance. I tripped and
> >broke my glasses this morning. May have a bruise on my
> >ribs . Nobody here yet . We can stay indoors and keep warm and dry.
> >     Talmon and Adelicia.
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