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Wed Aug 8 09:02:30 PDT 2001

well iwas going to make it but I just got a call for an interview at 1pm in
the galleria... oh well... hugs all..

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> Hi folks ... me again:
> I was asked for a clarification on the location for the North Houston
> Bunch tomorrow at 11:30 am, so here it is.  Supreme Soup & Salad is
> in the Greenspoint Technology Center, which is actually just a little bit
> *south* of the I-45 and Greens Road intersection.  Take your best route to
> that point, then head south on the I-45 feeder.  The complex is on that
> feeder road just past Greens but before you get to Beltway 8.  Hope to see
> lots of you there!
> Stephen
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