[Gatesedge] Re: [Stargate] Houston, We have a Problem!

Michael Tucker michaelt at neosoft.com
Tue Aug 14 06:58:58 PDT 2001

Hillary, you demonstrate (quite well) by your own post what the problem is. (Not
picking on you... I'm guilty of "spamming" the local lists myself.)

I had no idea that we could do what you suggest... it's a *great* idea!

Do you want to "ramrod" this with Pug, or would you rather someone else handle it?

Michael Silverhands
Virtual scribe, Stargate
List owner, stargate at ansteorra.org

p.s. in the future, please don't just make up hypothetical email addresses like
"raven'sfort at ansteorra.org" and "LochSoilleir at ansteorra.org". It confused the
heck out of my email router when I attempted to "Reply all". :-)

MGreene at mpan.com wrote:
> [snip]
> What say you all.. is there interests in 'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org'??
> Hillary Greenslade
> (a subscriber to Coastal, Stargate and Westgate lists).

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