[Gatesedge] Sewing guilds for the future

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 10:24:20 PDT 2001

>I thought that I would post the topics for the next few sewing guilds.  I
>will be putting these on the calendar.  If anyone has a suggestion(s)
>let me know, I would love the ideas.

   Sorry to butt-in here, but I do have a question?  Is there anyone out
there who has the patience to help a single man learn how to make persona
appropriate garb?  I am not looking for someone to did it for me.  I need to
learn myself.  I just need some help.  I am also looking for more than just
T-tunic 101.  I have a fighting tunic I wish to make for Defender of the
Fort in the style of those tunic found in the peats bogs of lower Denmark
from the Migration Age, the period of my persona. (Requires those weird
gusset things I think).  I am willing to trade or barter.  Dinner, foot
massages, research or whatever.  I also have a very good book on early shoes
by Margrethe Hald, shoes from the Roman period through the early Viking
age-- complete with patterns and other details.

Richard Culver
SCAka Cyniric Cyniwarding

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