[Gatesedge] Sewing guilds for the future

Dan Brandow dbrandow at concentric.net
Wed Aug 15 16:44:50 PDT 2001

Richard Culver wrote:

>> I thought that I would post the topics for the next few sewing
>> guilds.  I
>> will be putting these on the calendar.  If anyone has a suggestion(s)
>> please
>> let me know, I would love the ideas.
>   Sorry to butt-in here, but I do have a question?  Is there anyone out
> there who has the patience to help a single man learn how to make persona
> appropriate garb?  I am not looking for someone to did it for me.  I
> need to
> learn myself.  I just need some help.  I am also looking for more than
> just
> T-tunic 101.  I have a fighting tunic I wish to make for Defender of the
> Fort in the style of those tunic found in the peats bogs of lower Denmark
> from the Migration Age, the period of my persona. (Requires those weird
> gusset things I think).  I am willing to trade or barter.  Dinner, foot
> massages, research or whatever.  I also have a very good book on early
> shoes
> by Margrethe Hald, shoes from the Roman period through the early Viking
> age-- complete with patterns and other details.
> Godspeed,
> Richard Culver
> SCAka Cyniric Cyniwarding
> Baytown
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   You could try contacting Meredydd of Dolphin's Keep.  She's a
professional costumer w/ Performing Art's Supply, and she's got the most
sewing knowledge of anyone I know.  I think she'd be willing to teach.
Give her a call at 713 460-8985.
                  Ekaterina Dimitriu.

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