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Katherine is trying to find out the name of the manager of the Woodlands
theater to see if Gate's Edge and Raven's Fort can do another demo.  So, if
anyone can remember his name please pass that on to Katrherine. Thank you.


Keep living the Dream...

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Subject: [Gatesedge] Demos - Movies
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Greetings All,

      There are a few movies coming out over the next 3 to  4 months that
may be of interest for demos.

These first two might be good for rapier demos.

1st - The Musketeer
       Opens 7 SEP 2001 (Tim Roth)

2nd - The Count of Monte Cristo
       Opens 12 OCT 2001 (Richard Harris)

3rd - The Black Knight
       Opens 21 NOV 2001 (Probably a bad choice for
       a demo)

4th - Lord of the Rings
       Opens 19 DEC 2001 (Very Promising - even though
       it's fantasy) about 45,000,000 downloads of the
       trailor have already been downloaded. Making it
       the most anticipated movie in history!!

Anyways thats that.

William de Clare


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