[Gatesedge] luncheon

Gwynafwy /Jennifer gwyn_26 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 08:41:18 PDT 2001

To Gate's Edge:

I send this message to all those that have and would like to volunteer to
help with the Stargate luncheon for Her Majesty and Her Excellency, Baroness
Lissa.  If you would please send Annes and I, what you will be
bringing(privately to both).  We did not get a complete list at the last
Populace meeting.  I really appreciate all the help that you can give.
Stargate Baronial is only two weeks away.  We need to finalize what is being

We thank you for your time and efforts,
HL Annes and Ldy Gwynafwy

hlannes at ev1.net
gwyn_26 at hotmail.com

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