[Gatesedge] Absolutely last call...

Talmon Parker tt_ann at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 02:45:10 PDT 2001

  To the good folks of Gates edge!!
     This from the mostly missing baron,TALMON:: Greetings.
   Well once again I Look at this blank screen and wonder what great missive
I can foster off on you again,we of the archery group have done it again we
have traveled to the land of the dragon{the loch}, at great duress we went
forth to try toshow our friends in the south that we
could bring home to gates edge the honor that we much desire. HOWEVER!!
All came to nought. Our fingers werenot in unison with our eyes. In other
words we couldn't hit nuthin.Since Lord Iaen cannot draw a bow due to a
mundane event.It fell upon the broad shoulders of Lord Eadric
Astapa and Carluccio to show these upstarts the meaning of flinging arrows,
Lord Eadric Did allright But yours trully decided to test the flavor of the
ground at the range. I fell down and did a small injury to right ankle.{you
sure get lots of help when you drop a few tears}
It gives a great excuse for a awful showing. And besides the cast is a real
pretty blue. There were several of the Gates edge members there.
Mostly on horseback. Thanks to Carluccio, we weren't completely embarassed
Vivat Carloccio in the archery event.

          The ever groaning Talmon.

              DER BARON

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><peers into empty mailbox>
>Please send me reports?
>Pretty Please? Pretty pretty please?  With a cherry on top?
>Linnet (who isn't above begging...<G>)
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