[Gatesedge] Baronial - help

Gwynafwy /Jennifer gwyn_26 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 12:16:19 PDT 2001

To Gate's Edge:

I hope that everyone is surviving the rain.  I need to ask a favor from all
of you.

We still need volunteers to bring food for the Stargate Baronial luncheon.
As you know This lunch is for Their Majesties, Baron/ess of Stargate and
entourage.    We need to feed at least 20 people.  I am hoping to have
enough for Gate's Edge to have some as well.  That is why we need more than
just 5 items.  Please call me!

Second, If someone is heading for site early next friday and can take the
Gate's Edge pavilion please let me know as soon as possible.  I am leaving
at 4:00pm that friday.  I will find out where it needs to be placed.  You do
not have to set it up when you get it there.  Unless you want to.  I will
arrange for some people to help me do that.

Please respond to these two items.  Annes and I really need some help with

I thank you,

281-350-6157  house
832-496-3024 cell it will be on incase you can't get me on the house phone

Keep living the Dream...

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