GE - Business Meeting Minutes 12/18

Phillip Toland p.toland at
Mon Jan 8 15:18:43 PST 2001

Officer's Reports
Archery-Baron Talmon absent
Minister of Arts and Science-Milady Kvinne
Chronicler- Lady Linnet absent
Minister of Children-Lady Caelainn
Herald-Lady Seren
Historian-Baroness Adelicia absent
	If you go to an event feel free to write it up for the Over the Edge
Hospitaler-Lord Bowen
	Newcomers meeting Thursday December 21, will work on garb
Knight Marshal- Lord Bowen
	Fighting practice will be held Sunday at Mu's house 7-10pm
Rapier Marshal-Lord Ciaran
Reeve- Laird Sean
	We are in good financial standings, in January we will give room donation
check to church.  Time to renew your Over the Edge Subscriptions $12 please
make checks payable to SCA Gates Edge.  Position now accepting applications
Virtual Scribe- Lord Eadric absent
Equestrian Marshal- Lady Guenevere
	Practice for December was Sunday Dec 17.  There is a new bouffer game to
come play.  Dates for 2001 will be on list.
Seneschal- Lord Stephen Mac Thomas
	Now accepting applications.  Applicants must be current members, and take
seneschal and exchequer class.

Old/New Business
	Jan 8 is the deadline for submitting agenda items for the Future of Canton
planning meeting.
	Information concerning First Night will be emailed out the week of
	Largess for Coronation-Lady Seren is coordinating, look for info on list.
	Nothing new to report on Mid Summer Faire of Black White and Sort of Gray.

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