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Quite right!  Thanks for the reminder.
How does Monday Feb 5th at 7pm sound?  That's what evening I'll change it 
too unless there are several objections.

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>Monday Jan 29th is the "all night" planning meeting I thought!
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>Greetings all!
>Unfortunately I have another commitment myself this Thursday and will not 
>attending sewing guild.  The main fabric for the banners was decided upon 
>the last regalia planning meeting, I will be getting this prior to our next
>regalia sewing circle.  It was decided to use trigger fabric in white,
>hunter green, and black for the main body of the champions'pass down
>banners. I think it's best if this is all bought at the same time so that
>there are no color variations in the fabric.  The only thing that wasn't
>100% decided upon was the fabric to be used for the charges in a gold 
>   Most felt that it would look nicer/fancier if the  charges were not done
>in trigger, but instead with a fabric that has some brightness or sheen to
>it. It was also suggested that the charges be attached to the banner with a
>slightly quilted/padded fusible lining to add dimension/body to it.
>I think if you have durable, washable fabric in the basic heraldic colors 
>donate, please do so.  It would be great to have other banners and shields
>made in various heraldic designs, even if they are only simple field
>divisions, they would look great for decorating at any event we
>I plan on having the next regalia sewing cirle on Monday, January 29th, at
>7:00pm.  It will be at my home, unless otherwise noted before then.
>In service,
>Lady Seren

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