GE - Upcoming Class Offerings at Events

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Wed Jan 10 09:31:10 PST 2001

My guess would be there would be no classes at Coronation.  I thought that a
bit unusual when I heard it too!  I assume if they are having class at
Coronation they would be held very early in the day.  I'll ask a friend from
the Steppes to see if she knows anything.


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There was an announcement sent to Ansteorra Announce saying the seneschal
warranting and treasurer warranting class along with what they didn't tell
you about being a seneschal will be offered at Westgates Winter Collegium.
I thought at populace it was mentioned that these same classes were being
held at coronation this weekend.     I just realized that classes are not
usually scheduled during coronation, and the event planners don't know of
any classes.  If someone knows any information please let me know.


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