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Wed Jan 10 17:02:53 PST 2001

Pray forgive me, but the Chirurgeon class publicized for the Westgate
Winter Collegium (WWC), Feb. 17th,
has been publicized erroneously.

What   *WILL*  be taught is the modern (as in real-world) 'FIRST AIDE AND
under the guidelines specified by the American Safety and Health Institute
(as required by OSHA), and the American
Heart Association.    Once students have completed this class successfully,
and if they are SCA members, they will
be eligible to apply to become Apprentice Chirurgeon's in the SCA, by
filing applications with the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

The class has a fee of $13.00 (this is separate from any event fee's) which
provide you with your books, certification
cards and printed materials.   The class runs all day from 9am till 6pm.
There is a student limit of 10 persons in this class.

If you have wanted to get your First Aide/CPR certification to be a
Chirurgeon, for work needs, or just for your family's
peace of mind; but could never seem to find the time... here is your

If you are interested in taking this class, please reserve your seat by
letting me know, so that we can be assured
we have enough materials and space.   Again, apologies for any confusion.
If there are any questions, please e-mail
me directly, as I am not currently subscribed to this list.
In Service,   Mistress Hillary Rose Greenslade     WWC Class Coordinator
marsha.greene at

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Subject:  ANST-Announce - Classes Set for Westgate Winter Collegium

Please join Westgate and her (soon to be Majesty) Highness Saereid, on
February 17th, for an informative and fun filled day of classes on the 'HOW
TO's....' of your SCA lifestyle.  The event is *Westgate Winter Collegium*,
held in the southwest corner of Stargate (Houston, TX).
Here is a list of the classes currently scheduled to tempt your appetite:

All Day Chirurgeon Symposium
Westgate looks forward to being your hosts.

In Service,   Mistress Hillary Greenslade          WWC Class Coordinator
marsha.greene at

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