GE - Info needed

Phillip Toland p.toland at
Wed Jan 17 23:05:58 PST 2001

For our Canton Doomsday list I am missing info on Chuck (Lodin)and Sandra,
Nancy, Rhonda, Bonnie, William, Tryon (sp?)and friend, Teagan (sp?),Kat's
friends whos names I always forget, Robin, The Couch's, and Wallick.  This
info is for our records only and will not be shared outside the Canton
without your consent.  Please email me at jtoland at  so I can
fill in your info.

If I failed to list your name but you haven't given me your info or aren't
sure please email me again.  I want the Canton to have an accurate count of
how many participating members we have.


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