GE - Bardic Night II Directions

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Thu Jan 25 12:57:31 PST 2001

 one slight change to the change of directions... instead of going east when
you turn right onto fountainhead from veterans memorial you will be actually
heading west. .heading south and turning right is west....The directions are
correct but the navigational heading is opposite... sorry for the
inconvience.. hope to see people there...

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Greetings everyone,

One slight change to the directions.  Turn south on Veteran's (It's
Airline north of 1960) Then turn east (right) at the first light
(Fountainhead).  The rest of the directions are correct.  Have a
day and I look forward to seeing you!

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Subject: GE - Bardic Night II Directions


Apparently our list does not like attachments, so sorry the directions
were delayed. We are all invited to a bardic night at James' and
on Thursday (1/25/01) at 7pm.


>From 1960 Turn south on Fountainhead at light. Then at the 2nd stop
sign turn left on Radar. 1 block to stop sign and turn right on El
and then immediately left on to Breck. Then go one street past the next
sign and make a right turn onto Theall we are then third House on the
Address: 4810 Theall
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