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Sun Jan 28 09:35:44 PST 2001

Talmon Parker wrote:

>   My Lady!! I send this to you in place of a true report.
> The old homestead has once again had a set back in the ongoing saga of
> trying to get my lady up to the standard of life that we had hoped for.
> I was fortunate to have her at home for a few days, we were trying to see if
> we could make it own our own,in our own home. It didn't work out that way.
> First she slid off the bed and I had to call on Lord Iaenmor
> to help get her up. He called lord Eadric for more assistance ,They were
> able to raise her up and place her back on the bed. No injuries,except to
> her dignity. Things went pretty well until friday night,Then she srarted to
> vomit. I tried all the so called remedies, Nothing worked. I finnaly called
> the home nurse. She said there was someting wrong going on and I should take
> her to the hospital. She was in arrithma. She had a heart rate of 176 per
> minute. this went up over 200 several times.
> They finaly got it down to about 140 to 170 bpm. She waited in the
> emerengency room till 3:30 pm {no room}, the hospital was on drive by.
> She spent three days in ICCU and then wqas transfered to recovery and is now
> in special nurseing.
> She is now feeling some better but is really weak. She will proably
> go to a nursing home till she can get some strength back.
>    My thanks to everyone who offered thoughts and prayers for her recovery.
>                   Your servant Lord Talmon ......
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    I am so sorry to hear about Adelicia.  She will be in our prayers.  Keep us
posted, ok?    Kat.

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