ANST-Announce - (Update)Fire at Svipdagr's Stead

Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Sun Jan 28 15:22:11 PST 2001

Greetings Unto Ansteorra and those from Calontir who joined in the wonderful 
help for Lord Svipdagr.

Lord Svipdagr is doing as well as can be expected after such a traumatic 
happening so near the Yule season. While the insurance company continues to 
drag it's feet (as they so often do), Svipdagr is getting on with life. He 
will be going to school again this semester, while working at a job that 
will at least give him a regular incom and regular hours.

As it turns out some (very little) of his SCA clothing made it through the 
fire. His jewelry (mostly Norse and some Arab) was mostly lost. Also his 
armor made it through, so Trimaris had better watch out. His camping stuff 
made it okay, it was in his van. Almost all furniture and houshold goods 
were lost.

The insurance company and the city inspectors at last report were arguing 
over whether to condem or try to rebuild the apartment. Svipdagr would 
prefer to have it rebuilt from the ground up.

For those who sent checks and those who donated at the Academy of the Sword, 
Svipdagr is forever grateful. For those who sent clothing, household goods 
and furniture, he is going to raise his horn to you every time he walks in 
the house (after he gets into one). A special thanks to those in Calontir 
who were so generous to one you do not know, your generousity has rekindled 
a fire in Svipdagr (and others) which will show its self in the future.

At this writing Svipdagr is not on line, although he does check Ansteorra 
Announce through his brother-in-law. As soon as he is, I will have him let 
everyone know, and send personal thanks to all of you listed individually.

Also, I was told to specifically thank all of you for your donations, kind 
thoughts, and prayers of all kinds....from Svipdagr's Mother (Momma 

And I would like to say that it is at times such as this that I remember why 
this is the place I chose to spend as much of my free time as I can. The SCA 
is one of the greatest "families" I have ever seen. How many other clubs 
would bend over backwards to help someone they don't even know?


Hersir Ivar Runamagi

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