GE - Business Meeting Minutes January 22, 2001

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Mon Jan 29 16:29:12 PST 2001

Officer's Reports

Archery Marshal- Lord Eadric for Baron Talmon
	Archery Jan 6 was successful.  Next archery practice is Feb 3, check the
calendar for more information.

Minister of Arts and Sciences-Milady Kvinne (absent)
	Herbalist Guild- HL Annes is doing a consultation on designing an herb
	Sewing Guild- Lady Gwynafwy reminded all that sewing guild is the 2nd
Thursday at Northwoods 			Presbyterian Church from 7-9:30pm
	All guilds should report to Kvinne so she knows what you are doing.

Chatelaine- Lady Gwynafwy
	If you have Canton property and you haven't submitted a list of it to her
please do so IMMEDIATELY!

Minister of Children-Lady Caelainn O Comhraidhe
	Children's activities are continuing at populace if you bring your children
to meetings they need to be with the MOC or with you, if they running around
they are your responsibility.  Caelainn still needs volunteers for
children's at Mid Summer Faire.

Chronicler-Lady Linnet (absent)
	Remember to submit articles for Over the Edge, also if you haven't done so
already its time to RENEW your Over the Edge subscriptions.

Equestrian Marshal- Lady Guinevere (absent)

Historian- Lord Stephen for Baroness Adelicia
	If you go to an event take pictures and or write up what happened

Hospitaler- Lord Bowen
	Newcommers/Bardic Night January 25 at James and Natasha's house, next
month's topic Knife Ax Spear?

Knight Marshal-Lord Bowen
	Practices continue Sunday evening at Mu's house 59 and Rankin

Rapier Marshal-Lord Ciaran
	Practices Wednesday Evenings 7:30-10pm Sundance Park The Woodlands.  NO
practice Feb 14.

Reeve- Lord Sean
	Still Accepting Applications.  If you need to renew your Over The Edge
subscription see Sean.  The Canton ended the year in good financial
standings, ahead from start of 2000.

Virtual Scribe- Lord Eadric
	Put stuff on the calendar

Seneschal- Lord Stephen
	Still accepting application, have received two so far.  Canton is okay with
Kingdom as of Coronation.

Old/New Business
	Largess will be presented to the Crown at Queens.

	Mid Summer Faire- Lord Eadric Autocrat
		Lady Gwynafwy is in charge of Her Majesty.  The site is the Girl Scout
camp; cost of site is okay.  Event announcements will run April, May, June.
Announcements will also be send to local area chroniclers.

	Y2K1 Planning Meeting will be held Monday Jan 29 at the church, agenda has
been set.

	Doomsday List was submitted to Stargate we had 85 listings, a copy will be
passed around at populace.

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