GE - Archery and DO-IT this Saturday

Eadric Anstapa smills at
Wed Jan 31 13:47:34 PST 2001

Hi there.

I just wanted to remind everyone that the monthly Gates Edge Archery practice 
and Do-it will be held this Saturday, Feb. 3.  Archery is being moved to 
Wanderer's Rest along with the DO-IT rather than having Archery at Talmon's 
and then moving to Wanderer's Rest for the DO-IT.  This is largely to give 
Talmon a break and to make it easier on the marshals.  Directions are on the 
Canton web pages and the online calendar at or 
you can email me for directions. 

Archery practice will start around 11AM and we will break for a pot-luck 
lunch around 1 to 1:30PM.  I will have burgers and bratts for the grill 
everyone else bring something to share.  Loaner archery equipment is 

After lunch we will shoot until we are tired, finished, or its gets dark.

In the afternoon and on until whenever we all decide to go home we will be 
having the DO-IT evening.  Even if you aren't interested in Archery you are 
encouraged to come share a meal and to bring whatever project you have going 
to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of the canton.  The 
brewers MAY be brewing but I am sure we will be sampling.

Currently there are no firm plans for the evening meal but I am open to 
suggestions.  Fondue?  Big pot of soup?  Anyone wanna coordinate the evening 
meal?  Perhaps as the night air starts to chill we can go outside for a 
campfire and the bards can entertain us by firelight.

Crash space is available.

Hope ta See Ya There,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
MKA B. Scott Mills
eadric at

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