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macthomas macthomas at mail.ev1.net
Thu Jul 5 10:12:46 PDT 2001

Greetings all ...

Lady Thomasina had sent me a note asking to be removed from the
Gatesedge list, since she wished to have her e-mailbox cleared for
family and friends to keep in touch, rather than sifting through
all the posts to the list.  Though I hated to see her unsubscribe,
I completely understand her reasoning.  So the long story short
is, she's not going to see any well-wishes that we send here to
the list.

As far as I can remember, Carl had not chosen an SCA name by the
time they moved to Dallas, and mundanity there had kept them from
playing any extensive amount.

Since our list goes out to right around 100 different e-ddresses
throughout Ansteorra and the Knowne World, I'm choosing not to
post Thomasina's e-ddress publicly.  If you would like to extend
your well-wishes and prayers to Holly and Carl, please contact me
*off list* and I will forward this information to you.

Caitlin, I'm sorry to say, I don't have a mailing address for them
at this time.

In your service,
Stephen, Gatesedge List Administrator

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