[Gatesedge] Maria looking for a job...

Maria scarlettmb at prodigy.net
Thu Jul 5 15:50:22 PDT 2001

Not to worry, it's not imminent ... yet.  For some as yet unknown reason, my
company has decided to cut the group that I worked in down to 4 people.  The
manager is going to find out that just because I was not the most productive
member of the group in the job that we were responsible, I did a LOT of
stuff for him that he is now going to have to do himself.

I have been relegated to the inbound phones again and will be taking calls
from people who know less about computers than my grandmother does (those of
you who met my grandmother, will understand).  If I haven't been fired by
the end of next week, I may actually make it until they rebuild the team.
However, I'm not taking any chances.

If anyone knows of any companies looking for a computer technician with an
AS in Computer Programming, Novell CNA, A+ and Network +, please let me know
and I will gladly send them my resume.



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