[Gatesedge] Business Meeting Minutes 6/25

Jennifer Toland jtoland at cengines.com
Tue Jul 10 09:42:20 PDT 2001

The below are the minutes from the last business meeting.  I am sorry they
are so late in coming. Please note that there have been changes made since
then which I have inserted in caps.

Business Meeting Minutes 6/25

Officer’s Reports
Chatelaine- Lady Gwynafwy
Nothing new to report.  Eadric has the Canton pavilion and will set it up
and waterproof it.

Equestrian Marshal- Lady Guenevere
Sunday July 1 there will be a TV crew recording garbed equestrian at Camelot

Minister of Children- Lady Caelainn
Activities continue at populace meeting for the children.

Herald- Lady Seren
Guardian badge has gone up for review, also Ciaran’s name as well.  Herald
now accepting applications for the office.

Historian- OPEN
Accepting letters of intent to Caitlin and Pipa

Hospitaler- Lord Bowen
Newcomer’s meeting will be soap making on July 5th.
Bowen did a demo at St Simon and Jude on leatherworking for their Vacation
Bible School.  Accepting application for Hospitaler.

Knight Marshal- Lord Bowen
Practices are now at Mattius house Sunday’s at 7pm for the next few weeks.

Archery Marshal- Baron Talmon
Practice will be July 7th at Talmon’s potluck lunch 10am-4pm.  The rest of
the dates for
the year are on the calendar and in the Over the Edge.

Rapier Marshal- Lord Ciaran
Practices continue Wednesday’s 7:30pm at Sundance Park

Minister of Arts and Sciences- Lady Kvinne (Absent)
	Brewer- Had 8 people and Mary at the last meeting made 4 cordials, bottled
5 gallons of cider, and racked 2 meads.

	Herbalist-BooBoo medicine will be taught at Stephen’s June 28 at 7pm

	Sewing- Next meeting is July 12 at 7:30pm it will be a Men’s Sewing 101,
August will be hats  ******SEWING HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR JULY*******

	Beading- Still going on see the list for details

Reeve- Lady Cynthia
Canton is in very good financial standings, Cynthia will also be Regional

Seneschal- Lady Caitlin
Mu was flooded out and then his wife Bonnie passed away there is a fund set
up for any one wishing to donate

Stargate Populace meeting will be at the Height’s Library in July, August
Sept will meet at Collier on Pinemont directions will be posted to the list.

We are on for hosting lunch at Baronial.

Accepting Applications for:

Old/New Business

Midsummer Faire- We had a profit; Girl Scouts are pleased with our care of
the facility

Crown- Bid is not being submitted they already had several good bids from
Southern Region

Feast of St. ?- Dec 1, 2001 location yet to be found will be a day event
with yard games, rapier, chivalric tourneys, feast, it will be an on
calendar event, for more information contact Lady Gwynafwy and Lady Cynthia

Budget to be subject of the July officer’s meeting as decided by the
populace at the January planning meeting.

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