[Gatesedge] Stargate's 30th Baronial (2002) - T minus 14 months

Michael Tucker michaelt at neosoft.com
Wed Jul 11 12:14:56 PDT 2001

Hi, folks:

Yes, I know. Stargate's 29th Baronial (2001) hasn't occurred yet. What's up with
this message about Stargate's 30th Baronial? I'll tell you: I will be stewarding
the event (yes, I *am* crazy... why do you ask?) and I'm looking for a site. I
want YOU to help me. :-)

It should have the following features:
- within a 2 hour drive of Houston (north and/or west are better)
- fields for our usual array of events
- great camping space (with shade) for 100+
- great parking space for 250+
- archery, equestrian, and live steel friendly
- merchant friendly
- alcohol friendly
- a great kitchen
- great restroom facilities
- water and electricity available on site
- no (or extremely limited) mundanity (no nearby tall buildings, airports,
freeways, trains, etc.)
- great hotels within a reasonable distance, for those who can't (or choose not
to) camp
- no fire ants or chiggers (ok, maybe that's asking too much for Southeast
Texas) :-)

"Hah!" you say. "Michael, there's no such site!" Well, I'm willing to admit that
there might not be a *perfect* site, but I'm also willing to bet that there's a
site that comes close. We have fourteen months to prepare for this event, and
the first thing we need to do is FIND THE SITE!

Please email me with your (helpful, constructive, anatomically feasible)
suggestions at <michaelt at neosoft.com>. I would prefer not to clog up everyone's
email with this, so - please - reply to my email address, don't just hit "reply"
(which will send your message to the list).

Yours in service,
Michael Silverhands

"Hey, it's just a Baronial championship... how hard can it be?"

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