[Gatesedge] moving

Andrew Spies apspies at usa.com
Mon Jul 1 13:58:34 PDT 2002

I understand that this is a bit unorthodox, but I have a friend who is moving into her first home, but has no one to assist in the move.  She's moving from a 2-bedroom apartment at Gessner/Westheimer to a 4-bedroom house just off Hammerly near Gessner.  We are looking at Saturday, July 13th, as a move date.  Really, 3 - 4 strong helpers will be ideal.

A truck will be on hand to make the move efficient.  Pizza & drinks will be available afterwards.

I'm trying to get her involved in the SCA and this may be something that helps sway her, ya know - good PR.

E-mail me privately if you think you might be able to help and I'll coordinate everything.

Many thanks....

In service to the dream,

Antonello del Bello
(mka: Andrew Spies)
e-mail: apspies at usa.com
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