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Ron rkchance at charter.net
Tue Jul 9 18:02:32 PDT 2002

I am relatively new to Gates Edge and I too like the current name.  I
did notice however that most of the translations are being very literal.
I would like to take this opportunity to expound (blather) on what the
name could mean.

I do not see Gates Edge as being merely at the edge of Stargate.

I see Gates Edge instead to be Stargate's EDGE.  Or, as the edge of the
sword that is Stargate.

	Gates Edge usually takes the lead
	Gates Edge usually does more
	Gates edge usually stands firmly committed
	I could go on but you see where I going.

Gates edge is not going to be a shire at the edge of Stargate, We ARE
the 'EDGE' of Stargate.

...and if we aren't we can be.

Rognvaldr Viljalmsson

"Pick you star, stay your course, and take big bites"

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Let's keep it Shire of Gate's Edge.... it's simpler and we don't lose
momentum due to a name change....  I'm open for comment...



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